• About Us

    The firm "Esh Investiigations" was established in 2011 and acts of behalf of its clients in areliable, discreet and professional manner at the highest standards.

    The firm operates under the license of the Ministry of Justice and employs licensed investigators.

    Mr. Elia Shapiro, CEO and reserve investigative officer for the Military Police.

    • B.A in Criminology with honors.
    • Masters degree in Criminology at Bar – Ilan University.
    • Completed a Criminal Profiling course at Ariel University in Samaria.
    • Coordinator and lecturer at Ashkelon College for a private investigations course and security officers.
    • Lecturer at the Israeli College for Security and Investigations.



    Investigation Departments

    The office includes talented investigators, trained trackers and an excellent administrative staff

    • International Investigations Department
    • Business/ Financial Department
    • Private Department
    • Technical Department