• Insurance Investigations

    Perform investigations in all areas of insurance, including life insurance, body insurance and property insurance, in order to prove that a specific event has occurred, the severity level of the damage or to refute certain claims

    Investigation of car accidents

     Were you involved in a car accident and must now prove your were not at fault? You came to the right place!

    Investigating A Scene

    n event occurred at your home, office, or neighborhood and you would like to know who did it? By carefully scanning the area and professionally gathering evidence, we can lead to locating the suspect.


    A person stores a wide range of information which can interest us, but without a doubt, he will not simply volunteer it. Our skilled and well-trained interrogators know how to find the right approach and extract the most pertinent information.


    "Esh Investigations" specializes in professional and discreet follow-up of the "target" in order to obtain information directly, honestly and truthfully accompanied with the proper evidence.

    Institutional Net Information

    The Internet serves as a central tool in our modern lives and contains extensive information about us. We know how and where to search in order to extract the most information which exists on the Internet about one company or another, including its area of ​​business, its financial situation, its owners, its employees and more.

    Body Language Experts

    "Esh Investigations" employs a professional team that knows how to distinguish between truth and falsehood and how to extract information only by looking at a person.

    Business Profiling

    Building a personal profile of a potential customer in order to find the correct approach and points of interaction that will lead to closing a transaction or a business competitor in order to identify weaknesses in the business, its owners and employees.