• Surveillance

    "E.Sh. Investigations" specializes in professional and discreet follow-up of the "target" in order to obtain information directly, honestly and truthfully accompanied with the proper evidence.

    Reliability Of Employees

    Interested in checking whether your employee is loyal to you and is not a "Trojan horse" actually working for a competing company? Our firm conducts a comprehensive background check on the employee, a frontal investigation and even continuous follow-up if necessary.

    Investigating A Scene

    An event occurred at your home, office, or neighborhood and you would like to know who did it? By carefully scanning the area and professionally gathering evidence, we can lead to locating the suspect.


    A person stores a wide range of information which can interest us, but without a doubt, he will not simply volunteer it. Our skilled and well-trained interrogators know how to find the right approach and extract the most pertinent information.

    Covert Investigations

    An investigation carried out inconspicuously where the subject of the investigation is unaware of him actually being interrogated and in some cases also unaware of the fact of leaking valuable information. The purpose is to preserve the identity of the client, not to reveal the purpose of the investigation and to extract information from a person who refuses to give that information directly.

    "Harassment" Investigations

    Do you feel that you are being followed? Someone keeps calling and harassing you? We will work to locate the harasser and provide the evidentiary basis.

    Locating And Making A Legal Delivery

    We have the ability to locate a person within and outside the country in addition to making a legal delivery.


    Installation of security cameras, tests for secret monitoring, selling hidden cameras and means of recording while configuring them to specific customer and situational needs and more.